Liviana Conti is the Italian queen of “inventive knitting”. The brand brings to life an essential and elegant product range in which minimalism becomes a modern movement, while creativity leads it to seek out innovative products and technologies.

The Erika Cavallini brand was born in 2009 by a fruitful intuition: keeping the italian artisanality and attention to detail of a niche product. The label has a strong autobiographical spirit, which comes from Erika Cavallini’s passion for fashion as a language and as well as for collections inspired by an emotional and private past.
The taste for craftsmanship gives a contemporary romantic touch to the collections.

Semicouture is a new idea of Fashion Brand, conceived for a woman who loves the artisanal fashion and is able to translate it in a pop and modern way. The idea of Semicouture comes from the very first beginning of the designer Erika Cavallini.
It is not causality the label explicitly refers to the one of ”garment No.1”, the real start of Semicouture history.

Circus Hotel born in 2012 when Gaia Zattini designs her first collection playing with pattern and polka dots, lines and graphic color block. These features influenced by the circus ima¬ginary, characterize the name of the brand, together with the idea of continuous evolution by melting into every collection different essences upcoming from new journeyS and places.