Liviana Conti is the Italian queen of “inventive knitting”.
The brand brings to life an essential and elegant product range in which minimalism becomes a modern movement, while creativity leads it to seek out innovative products and technologies.
These characteristics are embodied in the quality of its products, all handcrafted with care and involving extremely sophisticated techniques at times.
Liviana Conti is renowned for its relevance, meticulous approach, detailing, patterns and geometric lines.
Every collection involves extensive research and experimenting with innovative and exclusive materials.
Production is mainly artisanal, even if it sometimes incorporates advanced technology.
At LIVIANA CONTI, ‘artisanal’ means paying more attention to detail, resulting in a higher quality end product.


4 key collections per year:

Autumn/Winter Collection
400-450 items
Pre-Autumn Collection: November
Main Winter: January

Spring/Summer Collection
400-450 Items
Pre-Spring: May
Main Summer: July

About 400-450 items for Autumn/Winter
and 400-450 for Spring/Summer
Per season, roughly:
• 180 knitwear garments
• 180 other garments
• 20 bags
• 20 shoes
• 50 accessories (scarves, gloves, …)